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Leather Information

Leather Information – Do you know what you are buying? Let’s keep it short and clear. Knowledge of leather will save you buying vinyl that looks like leather or inferior leather patched together and treated to hide it.

Firstly leather comes from animal hides, which are tanned and processed to become a material of beauty, which are pliable and strong, that smells and feels good.

The hide is split into two main layers to produce leather. These are known as top grain leather and split leather. The outer layer that includes the epidermis is the top grain leather while the lower layer is the softer, less durable corium layer. Quality leather upholstery should not be made from the split layer, but it is. Parts of a lounge like the back and sides are made from this leather, and lounges and recliners are sold every day with this leather, which will not last the 20 plus years which quality leather should. This leather can be buffed to become suede and can be used as fabric for upholstery, but should not be sold as leather.

Buffed top grain leather is called Nubuck Leather and should not be confused with suede. The hides are treated in different tanneries and some tanneries carry internationallly recognized certificates of quality and environment.Where is it tanned? What is under the leather, the sofa frame and the foam?

Top grain leathers suitable for furniture can be classified in 3 main groups.

  1. Aniline: This leather has been dyed with aniline, a clear penetrating dye. Marks on the hide are not covered at all with pigmentation, which makes for beautiful, natural and rare leather. It is rare and is the most expensive leather because it comes from very pampered cows in parts of the world where the environment protects their skin against marks from cuts, scratches, salt, bites, burns and weathering. The big drawback is that this leather has little resistance to soiling, staining and sunlight.
  2. Semi-Aniline: These are leathers that are dyed in penetrating aniline dyes and can be done in many colours. A protective coating is added to protect the leather against fading and soiling. The natural top grain is left intact and they still hold much of the leather softness.
  3. Corrected Grain Leathers: This leather is buffed to hide the marks and then embossed to restore a natural-looking grain pattern.
    A protective coating and colouring is added to protect the leather. It is obviously lower in cost than the aniline leathers, but a big plus is that it is very resistant to soiling, staining and fading.

There is a lot more to know about leather. We can help you find this leather information, or maybe give you the benefit of our experience.


Leather Care

Leather care – What do you need to do?

You need to know about leather care to maintain your furniture properly. Different types of leather requires different types of

The two main types used on leather furniture are:

  1. Semi-anilene, Pigmented, Pigmented Top Coated, Corrected Grain Leathers
  2. Anilene and Nubuck Leathers

Number 1 has a protective surface consisting of a water-based pigment and a clear urethane coating. This makes maintenance easier. Solvents, abrasive cleaners, detergents and oily subtances can cause permanent damage. Most spills can be wiped away because of the smooth urethane surface, but care should be taken with anything that usually leave permanent marks on surfaces.These leathers should be regularly cleaned with special water-based cleaners without excessive rubbing.

Number 2 is dyed leather, but has no protective urethane top coat, it usually has a water based soil-resistant finish done during tanning. This finish can be renewed to prolong the beauty and softness of this type of leather. This leather requires some care to avoid permanent stains and marks.Vacuum it regularly, clean stains immediately with soft, absorbent cloths with special water-based cleaners.

To prolong the life and beauty of your leather furniture you may want to keep your leather away from sunlight, sharp objects, over-active pets, Elvis impersonators with oily hair, dirty teens, over-active kids, non-caring husbands, food and other stain-producing stuff.

Please free to ask my advice on detailed information about cleaning and maintaining for your leather care.